Weird shit — Inside. Outside.

1403267528031_Image_galleryImage_portrait_of_dora_maar_193So upon sound advice,  you’ll now see some links and “shout outs” on this page, so that you, readers, can always do that thing we like to do…”click here, read more, find out more…”  Plus, I’m hoping these might catch the attention of new readers, prick a few curiosity buttons.


(Look familiar?  Picasso’s Dora Maar)

I studied with a gifted” Formative”therapist, who currently works with Stanley Keleman, founder of the field, and currently working at the Center for Energetic Studies

Much of my writing explores the intersection of inner and outer observations, hence, the title of my website and my first longish-post late last month.  I often explore how my  very cells , the tissues they create, the organ systems they finally organize themselves into, how all of these might  affect the whole of who I am, my very consciousness. Here’s a link to a Keleman recent book. Emotional Anatomy (the name alone, eh?)

I’m not so sure we don’t have a bit of ourselves outside of ourselves, microscopic bits of our matter, our Selves, in the rooms we inhabit, perhaps in all the places we’ve ever been?

Pretty weird shit, I know.

For example:  How do my thoughts affect my lungs, my liver or duodenum?  how do the muscles in my jaw help me make firm decisions,  or hurt my ability to do so?   This goes a bit further than your typical Mind/Body work, though it can be seen through that lens as well.  Not having one word for the whole of it…the whole of us — is a symptom of our potential error in seeing the mind and body as separate entities.  I suppose “being” gets as close as possible at this point. Anyway,  for me, it might be possible that the physical universe is a kind of manifestation of consciousness — human consciousness and perhaps other life forms’ consciousness as well.  Welcome god into this discussion — oh no, no worries…I do not believe  in or belong to an organized religion.   Not yet at least…

Even weirder shit, I know..

Just wanted to give a quick glance into something I read about, I study, I write about, with which I experience and experiment.  Plus, I wanted to add this link today.

Just for the proverbial record and in the spirit of honesty,  I find a lot of Keleman’s work to be bit obtuse.  I didn’t work with Keleman directly, but out of professional courtesy I am not naming the therapist I worked with for 30 years . 

I’m inclined to do a list here — writers, theater artists, thinkers, creators, musicians, painters, philosophers,  dead and alive, the friends and family members who continue to shower me with inspiration and instruction for life…well, one day at a time, one blog at a time.   One cell?  one atom? one quark? one string?  It’s all music to me.

For now…this is pretty weird shit.  I know.

Reply if you feel like it…what is your pancreas telling you do?





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Not like Picasso. I am no genius. Not Matisse or Kadinksi. In fact, would rather stay invisible, but I have to reveal what I'm That means work. I can also play. but fuck one likes to play much anymore. not here on the Internet. That's okay with me. I'm just trying to live and learn. and Like it.

2 thoughts on “Weird shit — Inside. Outside.

  1. Are these theories just another rehashing of previous ones. It sounds like Frank Lloyd Wright bringing the outside in and inside out. But do I really need a shrubbery next to my six burner stove or a rock garden around my shower ? Or perhaps it reverberates of previous John Lennon’s “I am he as you are he as you are me…” (was the Walrus really Paul?). I know you are talking about parts of us as individuals as differentiated from people as parts of humamity or galaxies as part of the universe, but really…is there any difference ?
    Does one have to be from Gaia or have discovered through the use of hallucinogens that “everything is everything? ” Like King so eloquently asked, “can’t we all just get along?”

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    1. All theories rehash previous ones… not only is “everything everything, it all goes round and round, appearing to be “new” but perhaps there’s no such thing… Thanks for the reminder…nothing is “original” except perhaps our own physical experience while we’re here? hmmm


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