AP summer assignments –augh! Irresponsible and exploitative


AP summer assignments

AP summer assignments pros and cons

Okay,  I get it,  my last post was heady; here’s some serious “worldly” complaints.  My son’s AP teacher for the coming year is being irresponsible and exploitative.

A said student ( my son) at a said high school (unnamed, go figure) has been assigned the following for just one of his two AP classes for this coming year.

42 video reviews (one page each)

25 source documents to read and analyze. (one page each)

Do the math:  the teacher teaches 4 sections (maybe 5) of this course.  30 students (min) per class.  67 pages (one page for each item) per student.  let’s call it 10,000 pages of student work for him to “grade?”  “review?”  are you fucking kidding me?  who’s going to do that?  what teacher is going to do that? tired-800x600 If you are one such teacher, please, oh please, correct me if I have this wrong….

It’s exploitative — He has the power to assign it with no regard for the students’ time.

It’s irresponsible —  he’s not going to be accountable for this work — 10K pages to read?  are you fucking kidding me?

A lot of kids are going to do the work.  Their work will not be read carefully, and most likely not read at all.    I hate this…It’s horrible modeling.  I spend a huge amount of time trying to teach my college students how to take responsibility for their choices in school. Go ahead and fail.  Take responsibility for it.  That’s better than earning an A as a victim of circumstances!

Okay, it’s a hot button.

Why is this being allowed to happen?  Is anyone out there seeing something like this?



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