Been silent too long

Dear followers and readers:

Will play here again soon.  Been traveling, both literally and metaphorically lately, and look forward to my return.  Look for new words, both literally and metaphorically in the next few days.  I’ve been composing like crazy,  returning to my old friend, my daily chronicle and musings, but I’ll return to this beautiful canvas soon enough. Look forward to talking and listening with you all.

Published by rachellepell

Not like Picasso. I am no genius. Not Matisse or Kadinksi. In fact, would rather stay invisible, but I have to reveal what I'm That means work. I can also play. but fuck one likes to play much anymore. not here on the Internet. That's okay with me. I'm just trying to live and learn. and Like it.

2 thoughts on “Been silent too long

  1. I absolutely cannot wait until you get back on the horse (ie. your pen or quill). Adored what you wrote about me and my trial and dribble-ulations. Especially liked the costume suggestions. My secret service platoon turned me on to it when they found you and your minions lurking around the Supreme Court last weekend. If you’re ever back in the DC area drop by my chambers. Do you like beer ? I like beer.


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