This awful thing happened to me last week. My car was broken into in SF and I lost my computer (I’ll spare you the dramatic details) which housed a lot of my work!  I lost a huge chunk of a play I’m writing for my sabbatical project, so not only is it my creative work, but an actual product with a deadline.

So after a few days of regaining my footing, I’m back at it.  Part of me is always determined to prevent petty criminals from making a victim out of me.  It’s my way of saying “fuck you!”  So shakily, I immediately go to Walgreens to buy shampoo to start replenishing my stolen swimming bag.  “Take that!” I say to the asshole(s) who broke my car window and took all my belongings.

I’ve had to search for files in various places, buy a new computer, and take some deep breaths.  (I was actually WINDED after it happened–someone hit me in the gut).  Now I’m back to the work–I will resurrect my play, praying that the break-in was meant to happen somehow, that my draft was a really a piece of shit, even though I swore otherwise.  Sigh.

Reminder — my blog/my website — Inside.  Outside.  Reflections.  I explore things on the inside, always trying to find their manifestations on the outside.  And vice versa.  Picture a two-way mirror with a line piercing it  through the heart.

Remind me if fail to this, okay?  Also…you think I need to add photos to every blog?

(I lost all my photos too)


5 thoughts on “Returning…

  1. If this inspires you to get in the habit of saving all your files to “the cloud”, it absolutely could be an event for which you may ultimately become grateful.


  2. Such a terrible to happen to such a nice human being. I am sure the rewrite will be even better than the write. Right ? Right ! There is always a reason for things like this. Some call it a “silver lining. ” I am in the business of silver linings. I make and restore mirrors. So, here’s looking at you, kid.


  3. It appears that San Francisco’s bad reputation is well deserved. A badly run city in a badly run state! I’m sorry this happened to you. So frustrating, so wrong! I’m glad I don’t live there and I won’t go there!


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