Walking III

Invention idea

We really need some kind of body wearable signals, like cars, bikes, etc…for traffic regulation. You going to cross the street suddenly? You moving, leaning to the left for passing? or right? are you going to move to the bike lane? the yards? what? where are you going? which street are you taking? We can’t talk, we’re all masked up. We can’t read each other’s facial expressions much (though I can spot those dodgy eyes, I can…), so we need little lights. “passing on the left.” “quick U turn ahead.” You get it. The transformation of the Morning Walk. (run too). Old fashioned arm signals might work too; do people know those these days? This is about communication people…

It’s time

To transform the world of morning pedestrians…

It’s gettin’ crowded out there..

What next? Where’s the government’s response?

Published by rachellepell

Not like Picasso. I am no genius. Not Matisse or Kadinksi. In fact, would rather stay invisible, but I have to reveal what I'm like...like..a...writer...sorry. That means work. I can also play. but fuck it...no one likes to play much anymore. not here on the Internet. That's okay with me. I'm just trying to live and learn. and Like it.

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