The Power and Seduction of Reading

The incredible power and seduction of of reading.  Reading out loud.  In a class. In  a group. Yes,  yes, I know, lots of exceptions to this, so let’s get that out of the way, I am generalizing. Read on…maybe read out loud?  In a group setting? What is it that makes us want to readContinue reading “The Power and Seduction of Reading”

“Dirty” Little Secret

A dirty little secret… Well, maybe not “dirty,” but least suspect…No worries, I’m not about to talk about sex (sorry to disappoint).  I’ll bring that up later in the year when I begin to talk about the eroticism of higher education.  But for now, I call it “dirty” because it’s so abhorrent to my profession…Continue reading ““Dirty” Little Secret”

Still asking for help from a higher power — from I.T.?

Again, I ask for help… Be present and alive…that’s all I ask. That’s a lot. I know. Help me Disappear with great great effort to appear… I appear first “present and alive…” So I can slowly disappear. It’s a rhythm thing. __ Take a leap baby…it’s in the language, the paint. Bold, Italics, all thoseContinue reading “Still asking for help from a higher power — from I.T.?”