Monday musings: Expertise and the imaginary self.

  Do you fancy yourself an expert at something? Expertise looks a lot alike from thing to thing.  It doesn’t matter whether we’re doing cancer research, editing a blockbuster movie,  or cleaning a stove top, being an expert requires attention. There is a task at hand, and it hungers for completion. Maybe it will beContinue reading “Monday musings: Expertise and the imaginary self.”

LePell’s Index: (Remember Harper’s?)

  Hello my dear readers: I’ve been terribly remiss about writing my blog this past few weeks; I’m getting back on this proverbial old horse, what with the turning of the old calendar, literally, turning the page. I used to roll my eyes when the news all turned to “most, least, best, worst of…” duringContinue reading “LePell’s Index: (Remember Harper’s?)”