Oh Mom, you’re (still) embarrassing me…

  Oh Mom, you’re (still) embarrassing me (50 + years later). Oh Mom, do you have to make friends with every clerk, waiter, counter person, professional person who is employed to provide you a service of any kind? I read an article recently about how much New Yorkers prefer their quick, no-nonsense eateries and otherContinue reading “Oh Mom, you’re (still) embarrassing me…”

Lost in old movies? My dad.

My dad, Corban LePell,  died 4 months ago. This is not a memoir about my dad’s life – I have reams of material about him, maybe a lifetime’s worth.  No, today I want to talk about his penchant for old movies—his penchant for immersing himself in a different era.  And a scary revelation. Since 2008,Continue reading “Lost in old movies? My dad.”

Flip phones baffle her; now she wants a smart phone?…oh dear.

The world seems to be closing in on her.  My mother, 86 years old.  Before I go another step,  it’s important to note that I have already penned hundreds of pages that plumb the depths of my relationship to her, as well as her own struggles, and those explorations are far from over.  But thisContinue reading “Flip phones baffle her; now she wants a smart phone?…oh dear.”