Monday Musings: Architecture Matters

How do the shapes of buildings affect us? Inside and out?  Positive space, negative space, the contours of the air, the contours of the pillars or rooftops?  How do these “real” shapes change us on any given day?  How do these shapes affect our thoughts and feelings?  Our whole minds, our whole selves?  Architecture 101Continue reading “Monday Musings: Architecture Matters”

Attack from both sides? sigh…politics.

ELECTION DAY,  November 6, 2018 A few days ago, I wrote the sentence:  I am not political.  Here’s the revision and exploration:  I am not politically active… __ First off, I can accept a few assumptions:  All action is political action. Personal choices are affected by political decision-making.  The allocation of resources – the spendingContinue reading “Attack from both sides? sigh…politics.”

The devil is in the details: Kavanaugh and Blasey (imaginary) production notes.

How can I not follow up on my post about Kavanaugh and Blasey?   I know, you are saturated, having read what?…10-100 stories about it in the last 2 days?  Listened, watched, bathed in the news of it all…almost drowning in rhetoric, in bombast and opinion?  But let’s face it, I did ramble on and onContinue reading “The devil is in the details: Kavanaugh and Blasey (imaginary) production notes.”

Lost in old movies? My dad.

My dad, Corban LePell,  died 4 months ago. This is not a memoir about my dad’s life – I have reams of material about him, maybe a lifetime’s worth.  No, today I want to talk about his penchant for old movies—his penchant for immersing himself in a different era.  And a scary revelation. Since 2008,Continue reading “Lost in old movies? My dad.”

“People come and go so quickly here.” Dear Brett Kavanaugh: Welcome to Oz.

Oh how it all changes in a flash.  One day, two days, three days and it’s a whole new Oz. (This is a dangerous post  It’s bold to say ANYTHING about this; if I were more widely read, I might incite some serious pushback? ) All dressed up and and ready to get saved, KavanaughContinue reading ““People come and go so quickly here.” Dear Brett Kavanaugh: Welcome to Oz.”