LePellian dictionary? More focus? More sex? More god? More content, less form? More thematic?

Questions here, not a long note, no more pics. Just what do you readers like to peer into?  I am trying to figure out if this blog might be more catchy if I stay on topic, as it were…focus the content more specifically, more like research, or a set of concentrated essays?  Shall I stickContinue reading “LePellian dictionary? More focus? More sex? More god? More content, less form? More thematic?”

“Be Quiet and Get Out of the Way.”

“Be quiet and get out of the way.”    Huh… So I’m working on this theater project with a bunch of great theater artists.  I’m part of the team. It’s a devised piece, with a lot of moving parts at this point, which will culminate in performances in late Fall.  The work right now is collectingContinue reading ““Be Quiet and Get Out of the Way.””

More vulnerable than being naked?

More vulnerable than being naked?       Being in the dental chair.     I don’t talk about this.  Is this true for a lot of others?  it’s more intimate than sex, it’s more private, more embarrassing perhaps. Getting dental work attacks each one of our senses:  Is there a parallel experience in modern,Continue reading “More vulnerable than being naked?”

I am sick in my seat.

BlacKkKlansman Oh, oh, oh,  the horror of it all. (this is not a movie review . There’s plenty of those out there to peruse if you’re looking for analysis.  This is not of that ilk, this is not a rational “critique.”) I actually felt sick . Still, I was completely glued to the screen. DuringContinue reading “I am sick in my seat.”

Anti-depressants — race, class, privilege?

Are you on meds? Check out this statistic —  Nearly 20 % of Americans have been prescribed anti-depressants this past year.  Almost twice as many white people take anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs than African Americans and Latinos;  Asian Americans account for only 5 % of the total; I didn’t see the stats for Far EasternContinue reading “Anti-depressants — race, class, privilege?”