Monday Musings: Architecture Matters

How do the shapes of buildings affect us? Inside and out?  Positive space, negative space, the contours of the air, the contours of the pillars or rooftops?  How do these “real” shapes change us on any given day?  How do these shapes affect our thoughts and feelings?  Our whole minds, our whole selves?  Architecture 101Continue reading “Monday Musings: Architecture Matters”

“Be Quiet and Get Out of the Way.”

“Be quiet and get out of the way.”    Huh… So I’m working on this theater project with a bunch of great theater artists.  I’m part of the team. It’s a devised piece, with a lot of moving parts at this point, which will culminate in performances in late Fall.  The work right now is collectingContinue reading ““Be Quiet and Get Out of the Way.””