Got Weeds?

 Beautiful?  Ugly? If we didn’t know…if we didn’t surround our vision with…”understanding, contextualization, knowledge, experience”    then could this field of yellow blossoms just be beautiful?  Bright, delicate, nature’s greeting, whispering sunshine, a reminder of eternal rotation, repetition, renewal?    But no.   They are weeds.  We know this.  Symbols of neglect, stubborn roots, plants to destroy,Continue reading “Got Weeds?”

“Writing on the Breath”

This last week, the news has been full of tragic events which have garnered much of our attention, and continue to evoke many potential responses from me that might end up here.  But today,  I am posting the first  few pages of a short story.  It may be challenging to commit to piece of fictionContinue reading ““Writing on the Breath””