Monday Musings: Architecture Matters

How do the shapes of buildings affect us? Inside and out?  Positive space, negative space, the contours of the air, the contours of the pillars or rooftops?  How do these “real” shapes change us on any given day?  How do these shapes affect our thoughts and feelings?  Our whole minds, our whole selves?  Architecture 101Continue reading “Monday Musings: Architecture Matters”

“Writing on the Breath” Part II

Below is a continuation of the story I published on my blog in the middle of November.  Several of you showed an interest so I’m pressing on… My friend Jim Jordan died of AIDS in November of 1988; I am honoring that 30 year marker.  I continue to look for a more permanent “home” forContinue reading ““Writing on the Breath” Part II”

Back to School, the Collapse of Time, and Balloons.

I went back to school this week.  (that’s not me in the picture.  I took the picture.)             Time collapses:        If our lives are like balloons, being blown up bigger and bigger over time, all those moments of consciousness filling the balloon with more and more complexity,Continue reading “Back to School, the Collapse of Time, and Balloons.”