Following up on

Finally, someone has sent me a note!  I had just upgraded a few photos, revised my summary to sound more charming and less intense (I’m a playwright, after all, fitting the word to the action is what I do),  Intense is scary, right?  Look!  a word of sweetness in my Inbox… We start to emailContinue reading “Following up on”

Match Dot Com (ments)

Hey everyone, I’m back. For now. Match Dot Com. First, let’s be clear – seeking connections online is risky.  Duh… Seeking connections by looking at a few selfies and reading  “summaries” is pretty absurd, yes?  I get that.  But the idea/the expectation of finding a few folks to get to know with a few clicksContinue reading “Match Dot Com (ments)”

Attraction and allure — yummy

This is quickie — speaking of which…salacious, attractive and alluring. Are are we primarily attracted–I’m talking romantically and sexually here people — to people who are roughly our own age? It’s not that we don’t  find younger and older people beautiful, even lusty…maybe they fill us fantasy, dreamy interludes,  but when it comes to sustainableContinue reading “Attraction and allure — yummy”