We all have it. COVID 19 REVISION

This is a revision of “We all Have It: Covid 19.” Posted more than 2 months ago. If you want to skip to the major revisions, read the last few sentences. Smaller revisions are within the body of the text. The hardest part of catching a virus is when it’s coming on…you feel terrible, youContinue reading “We all have it. COVID 19 REVISION”

Been silent too long

Dear followers and readers: Will play here again soon.  Been traveling, both literally and metaphorically lately, and look forward to my return.  Look for new words, both literally and metaphorically in the next few days.  I’ve been composing like crazy,  returning to my old friend, my daily chronicle and musings, but I’ll return to thisContinue reading “Been silent too long”

Cognitive Dissonance, Anachronism, and Libraries.

The speed of things swirling around me is strange today. This is not the ol’ cliché of mourning the inexorable passing of the hours, the march of imminent demise (don’t worry, more on that later). Today I’m invaded by cognitive dissonance.  I just can’t get my mind around on this—there’s too much variation in tempoContinue reading “Cognitive Dissonance, Anachronism, and Libraries.”

AP summer assignments –augh! Irresponsible and exploitative

AP summer assignments AP summer assignments pros and cons Okay,  I get it,  my last post was heady; here’s some serious “worldly” complaints.  My son’s AP teacher for the coming year is being irresponsible and exploitative. A said student ( my son) at a said high school (unnamed, go figure) has been assigned the followingContinue reading “AP summer assignments –augh! Irresponsible and exploitative”