A second thought…(if you read the previous post from today)

It’s coming, don’t worry … more focus, more subject specificity to these blog posts.  Think of these as context and landscape…background so to speak… You’ll see the themes of my blogs swirling in and out… Inside. Outside. Reflections.  For now,  look in both directions…and let it wash over you. Some things become clear as theContinue reading “A second thought…(if you read the previous post from today)”

Weird shit — Inside. Outside.

So upon sound advice,  you’ll now see some links and “shout outs” on this page, so that you, readers, can always do that thing we like to do…”click here, read more, find out more…”  Plus, I’m hoping these might catch the attention of new readers, prick a few curiosity buttons.   (Look familiar?  Picasso’s DoraContinue reading “Weird shit — Inside. Outside.”

Remember “imprinting?” Taking it a step further…

If we do this with our “mother duck,”  is it possible we do it in lots of other ways too?  How do we rewire our initial impressions of certain experiences from our young years? My dad (he’s gone now) was a young child in Birmingham Alabama in the 30s; his middle class parents employed aContinue reading “Remember “imprinting?” Taking it a step further…”