Prose and Poetry

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I am currently writing a novel, entitled Both.   I may post an excerpt here when the time is right. 

I also have a plethora of poetry and prose from various eras of my writing life; I am happy to share more of it upon request. 


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Such Stuff As Dreams…

Description:  This is a memoir/essay written recently.  Its audience is the Ashland Oregon Shakespeare Festival audiences or Theater magazine (American Theater?) It’s a coming of age piece that reflects on 40 years of going to Ashland, and the forming of a young theater artist, myself.   It’s looking for a home at this point.  I would be willing to edit it further, upon consultation


Tangibles and Abstractions


Description:  This is a series of poetic responses to paintings at a gallery, Gray Loft Gallery in Oakland, California    This is an example of the some of the new work I’m doing in response to visual art.  I am performing and responding to paintings and drawings in the galleries where they are displayed.  I am currently working on a piece for August 25,  2018.

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