LePellian Dictionary — “generous”

We’re working on some terms from my website/blog title again:  I’m reminding you readers out there to contribute a comment– I’m still wedded to collaboration on these definitions, really I am…really, really really, I am, really I am… open to collaboration, I would never think, even for  moment that I, solely understand these words completely,Continue reading “LePellian Dictionary — “generous””

LePellian dictionary — a quickie

  Defining our terms — who says we can’t revise and reinvent a little?  Join me?    To start:  Creative:  as in “All creative work is experimental work (yesterday blog title).  Let’s work backwards, shall we?  why not? It’s our dictionary today–if the work, the expression, the manifestation, the product of one’s mind is pure mimicry, Continue reading “LePellian dictionary — a quickie”